Day 1 : Finally getting started

Day 1 : Finally getting started

I’ve been putting off writing my daily posts after my initial decision, so here’s my first one, finally. I think I’ve been putting it off because I’m embarrassed/ashamed that I’ve been doing terribly so far. Ugh!

Anyway – here goes.

Breakfast: burrito with egg whites/spinach, bacon, potatoes, and cheese
Snapple mango madness drink

Lunch: Chicken wrap from Salata for lunch


Pros: it’s full of healthy goodness

Cons: I ate the WHOLE thing, with their delicious buttermilk ranch… And the pita chips

Dinner: I did horribly for dinner. I had leftover pizza and a medium bowl of ice cream. Pathetic, right? However, I know I can just make sure I do better tomorrow.

I think my problem is breads. I had a lot of it in every meal today. No bueno!! Tomorrow I will take away bread from one meal.

As for exercising, my husband and I have been going walking every night for the past few nights, but tonight is tooooo cold. It’s about 29° F right now, and it’s freezing rain out! Yuck, no thanks. Hopefully it’ll be better tomorrow.

Also, my friend and I have decided that we’re going to do p90x lean together. We are planning on keeping each other accountable by video chatting or texting pictures of our workouts since we’re in different cities. We’re also going to be sending pictures of our food to each other.

Anyway, please pray for me to have strength and perseverance throughout this process. It has been very difficult so far…but I haven’t given up…

Also, if you have any tips or advice for me along my journey, please let me know in the comments! 🙂

God bless,